World Information

The world of Shards of Magic is mostly complete, so i’ll put some information here for the players to reference.

The world is known as Kyral (Keh-Ral, sometimes mispronounced Key-Ral, Keh-Rall, Key-Rall, Keh-Raul, or Key-Raul), and has a total of four continents. Etherlan, Nerath, Wyre, and Ceri. The first two are pronounced as they seem like they would be, Wyre is pronounced “Wire”, and Ceri is pronounced “Seri”. Etherlan is to the east, Nerath is on the northern pole, Wyre is to the southwest, and Ceri is in the very center, on the most common maps. Ceri is said to be where life originated in Kyral, and an ancient civilization spread to the other three continents, and then collapsed due to a strange plague that struck all the continents at once. The survivors were left with no memory of the civilization, or anything from before the plague, and set about creating their own civilizations. The plague also left some of its victims alive, but changed beyond recognition of what they once were. This is said to be how the different races formed.

Kyral is believed to be the center of the celestial plane, with the other worlds orbiting around it. The largest of the other worlds, Seralia (Ser-Ah-Lee-Uh), is said to be the ream of the gods. No mortal has ever seen it and returned alive. It is occasionally known by the name of the king of gods, the God of Light, Solanus (Sol-An-us, sometimes mispronounced Sol-An-Oos), or just Sol. It is what creates the light in the day time. The next is Shara, the underworld, or the world of the dead. It is where souls are meant to go when they die, and is usually referred to by the name of the Queen of the Dead, Lunaleise(Loon-Elise, sometimes mispronounced Loo-Na-Le-Ice), or just Luna (like the Latin name for the moon) for short. It is the largest object in the night sky.

Next are the Twin Seers, Aria and Niras, the twin goddesses of darkness. They are said to have created these two, smaller realms, named after themselves, to house the souls of those who served them. They seem to orbit around Luna, and are the only worlds that don’t orbit Kyral. Then, there is Lanias (Lah-Nee[Knee]-Ahs), who doesn’t seem to orbit anything, and simply travels around the sky at random. It seems to be elongated, and some believe the elongation always faces away from Sol. It is a land of mystery, and nobody knows what is there, or which god created it… Though some believe it was the work of Ami (Ah-me) or Amy (A-Me, there is no way to know which is her correct name, as she dodges the question if asked on the rare occasions she appears), the goddess of mischief, nothingness, beauty and fertility, and was created simply to mess with the mortals.

And lastly is Watcher, which is almost unable to be seen, as it is almost completely black, and can only be seen when it passes in front of one of the many stars. It is in the shape of a large eye in the sky, with small purple lines only visible through a telescope, forming the outlines of the pupil and iris. It is known to occasionally blink, and is believed to be the home of Maw, the god of The Void. It is said to watch over all of Kyral, and keep everything in a relatively balanced state, and also protect it from anything outside of the orbital reach. Some believe that Watcher is actually The Void itself, and that the reason it is so small, is that it is far away, but it is believed to in fact be much larger than anything in the night sky, the largest object. It seems to bend light from the stars behind it into a ring around it, as well.

Now, we’ll talk about the different lands of Kyral. In Nerath’s high, snow-capped mountains live the Dwarves, Gnomes (Tinker Gnomes and Svirfneblin too) and Kobolds, while atop the mountains and in the lands around, the various types of Elves and their kin make their homes alongside the Goliaths and Orcs . Along the coast lives the Bladelings and Dragonborn, while the Draconians live on the opposite coast. Scattered around the continent are the Githyanki and the Githzerai, as well as the Goblins and Hobgoblins.

In Ceri live most of the Humans, as well as many of the half-Human races such as Half-elves and Muls. Halflings also make their homes here in the hills and plains. Deep in the forests, the Wilden, Wild Elves and Wood elves make their homes, as well as the Hamadryads, Satyrs, Pixies and Shifters. Also on this continent are the Vryloka and the Deva, though the Deva are more common in Wyre.

Wyre is the main home of the Deva, and is mostly desert. Within this desert live the Gensai and Gnolls, alongside the Shardminds and Thri-kreen. In the more savanah-like areas of Wyre live the Tieflings, Bugbears and Minotaurs. Further south, Wyre starts to become more cold. In these snow-deserts, the Kalashtar and Hengeyokai make their homes.

Etherlan is a land of dark marshes and swamps, and is the home of the Changelings, Kenku, and Shadar-kai. It is also known that Revenants often appear in the swamps of this mysterious continent, and it is also where some Shades occasionally make it out of the Trail of Five Darknesses. In the less spooky areas along some coasts, there are normal forests, though they are often much darker than those of other continents. Within one such forest is a city that stands as a sort of beacon of hope against the darkness that seems to inhabit the continent, and this city is where most Faunice make their homes.

(The races that have been left out – Warforged, most Shades, and Cursed Ones – were left out on purpose. Shades come from wherever people follow the Trail, Warforged come from wherever they were built, and Cursed Ones can come from anywhere.)

(There are two other races that are going to be added, neither of which come from any of the four continents, and as such, they will be added here.)

The story takes place mostly in Ceri around the start, but after the introduction arc, the party may go wherever. Ceri is divied into several provinces, each ruled by its own government. The least populated of these is Goldrun Province, which is ruled by Elana, who is the emissary of Anna, the goddess of wealth. The land is blessed with great mineral wealth, and the only large city, Hyrun, is the trade capital of the entirety of Ceri, as well as the capital of Goldrun itself. The neighboring Provinces are Wintermarch to the direct north, Westhold to the northwest, Eryan (Eri-yan) to the southwest, Ravenmarch to the east, and Light’s Bastion, the capital of Ceri, to the south beyond the mountains.

(Other Provinces will be added later if/when needed)

(More information on other things will be added if/when needed or completed, unless it is a spoiler for the story. Ask if you’re curious about something on the forums, and I’ll try to explain. Otherwise, I’ll allow you to come up with suggestions for different things, and may use them.)

Information on the races and such copied from the forum:

Setting: I call this thing Magepunk. Technology is considered a type of magic, and is often powered by it. There are magical robots (Warforged are variants of these which have become sentient), guns, tanks powered by magic, magical airships that come in later, magical “drones” so to speak, etc etc. It’s also known that several deities exist and several kingdoms in the story are ruled by their emissaries. Magical energy can be stored in crystals and used to power machines, or, say someone is in a “Magepunk Battlemech” so to speak, it can drain their magic to power it, but that’s not exactly the safest thing. In terms of game mechanics, they’ll take 1-3 damage per turn thanks to how the magic is drained.

Things already added:

Seeker, essentially church-sanctioned mercenaries. Often “neutral” alignment or however that’s done now cause I forgot. They’re proficient with guns, and have magical and divine powers, as well as often having access to one remotely controlled magical drone or robot, with a limited operations range. They’re a class that is fairly balanced between damage and… I suppose control? They’re good with magic, but also with weapons. There’s several different ways you could play the Seeker. We’ll only be able to have one of these, even the next time I run this campaign after I become a better GM (with 6 or so players XD), simply because how powerful they are. Have nothing to do with the vanilla Seekers.
Techmage, essentially an inventor, they have the ability to control up to two magical drones, increasing to three at later levels, or one autonomous magical robot. They’re not the best with actual combat themselves, and cant cast too many spells, but their robots and drones can get fairly powerful. They can be upgraded with different things, like the ability to fly, magical energy cannons or swords, magically-powered chainguns, etc. Things like that. They’re I think similar to other classes that rely on minions and such, any kind of summoner classes or things like that, but they are able to use some magic on their own, just not much.
Gunmage, almost the exact same as the one from the 3.5e Iron Kingdoms campaign.
Spellsinger, they cast magic through songs similar to bards and bladesingers, but less reliant on other things, and less of a Leader role, much more of a damage-focused one. At lower levels, they need to have a ‘Magical Lyricsbook’ to use their magic.
Voidmage, they use the powers of The Void and channel them through magical items – Or sometimes their own bodies, at great risk – Enhancing their physical strength and giving them a few powerful magical abilities that often do a lot of damage to enemies, but due to the un-tamable nature of The Void, have a chance of doing so to allies, or even yourself, and often requite a one turn charge before you can cast them. Get access to a few special weapons.
Knight of the Void, less of a class, more of a subclass of the Voidmage, but more reliant on melee abilities, and with a few less spells, some different abilities, and different special weapons.

Nekomimi, Kitsune, Wolven and Usagi, otherwise known as Faunice, are essentially humans with animal features, nekomimi being humans with catlike features, cat ears and a cat’s tail. Kitsune are the same, but with foxes. Wolven are with wolves, and Usagi are with rabbits. They all have their own unique daily power called “Feral Form”, which does a different thing for each. The Nekomimi can gain a lot of speed and agility, and also some other buffs that I’m not sure how to add mechanically. It’d last for about 4 turns.. Kitsune gain a LOT of attack power and speed, at the cost of judgement [which would really have to be roleplayed out as I don’t know how to add that mechanically], and physically, gain additional “Ghost tails” based on their level, each of those tails representing the number of turns their Feral Form can last. The max is 9 at the highest level possible. Wolven are similar to Kitsune, but without the ghost tails, but they don’t lose as much judgement. However, they do create afterimages when they move, so they gain some flat bonuses to hit and to AC. Their feral form lasts for 3 turns. Usagi gain the ability to jump up to 10 feet, gain some speed, and gain a lot of unarmed attack power, to represent the ability to kick very strongly. The races also gain some constant buffs. Nekomimi gain +2 to dex and +2 to int, and an additional +2 to acrobatics checks and stealth checks, and +2 to perception checks that involve hearing, and gain low-light vision, and also take half fall damage. If the damage is under 10 before it’s halved, or below 5 after it’s halved., they don’t take fall damage at all. Kitsune gain +2 dex, and +2 cha or wis, and gain +4 to any checks involved in trying to seduce someone, and gain +1 to athletics and +1 to acrobatics. They gain the same perception buff as the Nekomimi, and also gain low-light vision, and the same fall damage reduction. Wolven gain +3 str, +2 dex or con, and low light vision, and gain +2 to athletics checks, endurance checks, stealth checks, and any perception checks relating to smell or hearing. Usagi gain +3 dex, +2 str or wis, a +4 bonus to hearing-based perception, a +2 bonus to any checks involving jumping or kicking, and a +2 to stealth when hiding in bushes, trees, or anything like that.

Cursed Ones. These are people who have been cursed, either personally or through their lineage, or any other way, to forever be viewed as monsters under the revealing light of the moon. While in direct moonlight, any part of their body appears skeletal to everyone else. It is simply a visual effect, but it can be used to intimidate very well. Gains the same bonuses and such as any race you pick, as well as their normal physical qualities, but with a +4 to intimidate checks while in direct moonlight, a -4 to diplomacy checks while in direct moonlight, and a -4 to any checks involved in getting people to not be afraid of you while in direct moonlight. You also take a -2 to any such checks or diplomacy for the next 2 hours against anyone who saw it unless you succeed a check of one of those types.

Two additional races will be revealed later, as they don’t exist until certain plot points in the story are completed.

World Information

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